New Beginning

“And suddenly you know.. It’s time to start something new and trust the magic of new beginnings.”

Hello to all lovely people out there. So this is my very first blog so I might introduce myself my name is Mahwish, living in somewhere in this beautiful world, full-time wife and a mom of an amazing daughter and to kill time i usually read books, listen Bollywood music(bigg time bollyfan), try to take some good pictures because i kinda like photography u might be seeing some of the pictures in my blogs in future.

So why i start blogging all of a sudden? It’s because i love interacting/communicating with new people. I’ll be sharing my past experiences and how is my life as mother and a wife I’ll be talking about all the trendy stuff  whether it’s a fashion, lifestyle, entertainment, music basically everything. Next thing to whom I’m interacting so I’m here for mom and teens or for anyone who can connect with me in my crazy journey. I’m open for all sorts of suggestions what u want in my upcoming blogs, we can interact through comments and I’m in for healthy criticism  because  that will make my work perfect. I’m not here to sell you stuff but I’m here to tell what i think and to know what u think about that too. I’m will post my blogs every other week. so you will be seeing a lot me from now on. Lets begin our new beginning together. 🙂




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