MORPHE 35O Review:

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So I really wanna get this review up for you guys, I know there is literally tons of reviews on YouTube and Instagram already but this is my personal opinion on this purchase. So this particular Morphe palette is an all YOUTUBER’S favorite. Whenever it comes in stock it sells out like in a day or two so i always wonder whats so special about this, is this palette really worth the hype? So I bought my MORPHE 35O palette last year. It comes with 35 pans of eyeshadow. Both matte and shimmery. Also, it costs merely $22.99 or cheaper (with the coupon code) which is an insanely good price compared to how many colours you get.
From cooler grey-toned browns to fiery sunset colors, this palette is a beautiful mix of wearable warm neutrals that give you effortless versatility whether you are after a daytime look or full-on glam. The perfect balance of matte and shimmery finishes make it a go-to for makeup lovers at every skill level.



So I wasn’t expecting too much from these. However, I was amazed how beautiful the shadows are. It is true that you need a bit more shadow to put an opaque layer on your eye which means more time spent on your makeup. Let’s remember though, how cheap this palette is and the colours blend beautifully, there is not much fall out. You can build up the colours to be really intense with no problem. In my opinion, Does this palette worth hype?  YES it’s totally worth every single penny of yours the vibrant colors, buttery texture, minimum or no fall out if  you work with makeup setting spray and used primer underneath the shadows it will work wonders for you.You can do so many looks with it and for a warm tones shadow lover, this is truly amazing. 


Morphe 35O swatches

This is completely unbiased review I’m not sponsored by Morphe I did not receive this palette for free I owned it and purchased it by my own money. Do tell me what do u guys think about it? What else you recommend me to review?
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