New York Style Cheesecake Recipe

“Stressed Is Desserts Spelt Backwards”

Hey Guys!
I am here with yet another blog for you and this time with something new. So i am going to share an amazing recipe with you today. Its simple, easy to make Cheesecake Recipe. The CHEESECAKE FACTORY may have a whopping 35+ flovors from key lime to tiramisu but its the original NEW YORK style cheesecake that will make our heart miss a beat and give butterflies in our stomach. Rich, dense and tangy. Its so good that I’ve to tried it out the decadent treat by myself. While making a cheesecake the first thing you have to remember to bring all your ingredients on room temperature its really important so go ahead and take your cream cheese, sour cream, eggs and butter out.


Graham crackers   1/2 cup finely chopped


Vanilla wafers       1/2 cup finely chopped


Butter                     2 Tbsp



Cream cheese








Lemon juice


Vanilla extract


Sour cream



The original have graham crackers only but I am gonna add vanilla wafers to give a additional sweet flavor in it. Use a food processor and finely chopped your graham crackers and vanilla biscuits. Once it is nicely crumbled add melted butter in it and mix it well. The pan you need to make cheesecake is a spring-form pan it helps to stay together because cheesecake is mostly filling. Pour all your crust in to the pan use your hands and press down once you have covered all the bottom get all the extra and bring  all the way to the top about a inch, inch and half  if you can. If the crust is too dry add more butter.
Now preheat your oven to 325 degree Fahrenheit
Now start on the filling using a hand mixer or standard mixer just beat your cream cheese, add sugar in it mix it well than add eggs one by one continue beating add your flour, vanilla extract, lemon juice and at the end mix your sour cream in it. One thing to keep in mind unlike traditional cakes try not to over beat it we dont wanna get alot of air in their because we want a nice smooth cheese cake. Tap the bowl against the counter to kinda get out of the air bubble now pour this in to your prepared crust nice and slow.
Bake it for hour and half, turn off the heat, let it cool and than put it in the refrigerator for 12 hours to set. Serve it with some whipped cream and raspberry or blueberry topping.


Raspberries 1 cup

Sugar.           2 Tbsp

Lemon juice 2 Tbsp

Corn flour    1/2 Tbsp

Cook raspberries on a medium to high heat once its all mushy looking add sugar, lemon juice give it a stir. To give it a lil thickness add some cornflour in it. Stir it well.

I hope you guys will try this recipe and you will love it for sure.

Till next time,



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