The Jaclyn Hill Palette Review & Swatches

Morphe and Jaclyn Hill they don't need any introduction, these two powerhouses are back again with the BANG. The first time they collaborated back in 2014 when Jaclyn released an eyeshadow palette with Morphe that contained a compilation of her favorite 28 eyeshadows from Morphe. After two years in the making, the highly anticipated Morphe x… Continue reading The Jaclyn Hill Palette Review & Swatches


SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

Hey guys! Today's blog is all about search engine optimization like what is seo? Why SEO is necessary? How much you should spend on SEO? Risk and consideration while choosing SEO What Is SEO? Today 94% of consumers and businesses search the internet before buying a new product or services. They submit their keywords for search and… Continue reading SEO (Search Engine Optimization)